Peas Negras 4.7 acres

Upper left photo is looking at the NE corner of the property with the majority of the property to the West and South. If you head South of the this photo, you will run into the spring, upper right photo. You get a general idea of the topography of the property from both photos. To the right or West of the spring is the majority of the property. The property is heavily wooded with Ponderosa Pines, Aspens, Oak, Spruce, Douglas Fir trees.

Upper left photo is looking North and close to the Northern boundary line and more of less in the middle part. Moderate sloping and again heavily wooded. Upper right is at the top of the property and looking south and you can see how it flattens out.

Upper left shows how the topography mellows at the top of the property. The upper right photo really shows the topography of the property.