Peas Negras 10.8 acres

I am standing in the center of the property looking back at the trees. If you look at the cent of the upper left you can see one of the building spots, or the spot where you can place your camper, RV or 5th wheel. Upper right is a close look at the building spot.

Standing on the East side of the meadow with the trees to my back and if you look at the white spot in the trees, right before the white spot is a fence and the white spot shows the center of the western boundary line of the 10.8 acres. Upper right photo just looks at the southern part of the meadow and actually the way to come into the property. Like this photo because of the Dandelions.

Both photos are looking at the spring on the property. The spring runs through the property. This spring does go underground during the Summer but you can easily dig a hole with a backhoe and have a water well. A little solar power pump would work well but a generator would definitely get the water to your build spot.