Riverfront one acre

Upper left photo of the river was taken from the bridge entering Madera Hermosa and not the actual location the river lot.  Photo is just to show you what the river looks like.  Upper right photo shows the river front the lot and as you can see it is muddy from the previous nights rain;  I did not go down to the river to take a picture because I was lazy.   Actually, my leg was hurting and I did not want to go down there. 

Upper left photo shows one building spot that is right off the entry road.  Upper right photo show the second building spot and this spot is just before it drops down to the river.  In my opinion, this the primary building spot for the cabin or home with the cantilevered deck.   You  can see the some Ponderosa Pines, tall Pinon trees and some Oak.  You can really secluse yourself in and amongst the trees.  

Just showing how wooded the lot is and how flat a portion of the lot is.