Madera Hermosa River & Extra Lot

Upper left photo shows what I consider to be the best building spot on the river lot, (you might not consider it to be the best spot, it will be your lot, you can do anything you want with it).  At this spot you can get some southern exposure, some nice views of the tent rocks across the valley and just a short walk down to the river which is the upper right photo.

Took this photo just to show you another building spot on the river lot and also to show you how wooded the lot it.  Upper right photo was taken from the additional lot and you can see the view across the canyon and also how wooded this lot is also.  Both lots have many building spots.

This photo was taken from the bridge that enters the subdivision; if you look at the upper shadowed part of the river,  the river lot comes down to that upper shadowed part.

There are not that many private holdings with riverfront in the Jemez and do not come on the market very often.  If interested in these lots, do not hesitate to buy one or both.