9.0 acres on the river with irrigation

The 9.0 acres is more or less broken into 3 parts;  you have seen the photos of the irrigated portion which is one part.  The above photos show the flood plain portion, (part).  Now you are saying, (“oh my gosh flood plain”), just to enlighten you, where there is a river, there is a flood plain.  Although it is flood plain, you can still take out some of the willows and Elm trees, broadcast some grass seed and let the cows, goats, chickens, horses have at it.

The third part of the property is the East side and on the other side of the river.  The upper left photo shows the foliage and terrain.  The upper right photo is an overall look at the East river side and a view.

Upper left photo shows a real nice building spot on the very East side of the property.  Getting  to this site will definitely not be easy having to cross the river but you can always daydream.  Upper right photo is National Forest &Guadalupe Mesa where you will fine a 15th century Jemez Pueblo ruin.  There is a history to this mountain.

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