22.7 acres with views, trees, water

Upper left is the view looking North at Redondo Mountain, which is part of the Valles Caldera National Park. You  can get this view from the top 2 lots plus another.   Upper right photo is looking West.  There is a real nice view, (a lot of people call the view the palisades).   All five lots have this view.

Upper left; you have meadow, then tree line, then a mountain then a bigger mountain.  The first mountain is where the 22.7 acres is located.  Loot at the upper right photo and you will see an excavated site.  That excavated site is the top of the mountain and the top of the 22.7 acres.

There are two lots at the very top of the mountain and the upper left photo is National Forest which is right behind the excavated site.  Upper right photo looks at National Forest and the view to the South.