Lands Of Ruby P. Holt, 6.3 Acres

Upper right shows the 3/4 of the property looking NE; the road you see could easily be you driveway.   All the meadow in front is part of the 6.3 acres and perfect for horses.  Upper left photo shows the western end of the 6.3 acres, the larger trees are in National Forest

Upper left photo shows the open area where you can build on the 2.5 or 3.0 acre.  The meadow in the foreground is part of the 2.5 or 3.0.  Upper right photo is looking at the very NE corner of the property where you can really seclude yourself in and amongst the trees.

Upper left photo looks North and at all the 6.3 acres, the wooded right is the NE corner.  You can get a view of Redondo and Los Griegos from that NE corner.  This NE corner gives you privacy and is bounded by National Forest on the North and the East.  You cannot buy the 2.5 acres to get the NE corner, you have to buy all of the 6.3 ac to get the NE corner.  Upper right is taken from the building spot of the 3.0 acres looking down at the meadow and back at where I took the upper left photo.

Right photo is a Google Earth satellite photo of The Lands of Ruby P. Holt Tract.  Upper right quarter of the photo is where the property is located and again you can see the open part of the 2.5 or 3.0 acres and NE corner of the 6.3.  You can see all of the meadow and to the right of the meadow is National Forest