Tract 3-A, Eagle Heights  69.7 acres

Both photos were taken from the primary building spot; upper left is looking down on Soda Dam and part of Jemez Springs. Upper right is looking at Lourdes.  You can get some fantastic view from the very western boundary line but I was too lazy to walk up there but I will walk up there with you.

Upper right is a little look at the view of the tent rocks.  The large Ponderosa Pine is real close to the southern boundary line.  Click on the following, following, (what else could I have said), and it will take you to plat and little more explanation of both Tracts 3A and 1-A-1.  Upper right photo is looking down at the cottonwoods on the Jemez river.

Upper left photo is looking at the main building spot for Tract 3A, there is a lot of flatness, (I am calling it flatness on purpose), all over this building spot.  Upper right photo is  more flatness.  In other words, there are many great building spots.  A steep road heading more West will take you to other building spots, (a lot harder to access and build), but you will really get some views.  I would use the primary building spots and leave the western part of the land to the elk, deer, turkey and as  your backyard.  All the above photos were taken from a bench located close to the eastern boundary line.