Jemez Canyon Estates, 11.22 acres

The upper left photo is taken from the very northern end of the lot looking SSW; look at the middle left of the photo and therein lies the first hill and main part of the lot with the main bench or part of the land heading in a WSW direction.  The upper right photo was taken from the very end of the property and looking back at where I took the upper left photo.  Below is a series of photos taken from the interior of the property with #1 starting at the very left with 2, 3,4 & 5 to the right and below.

#1; approx. 80 ft. on the other side of the first hill looking SW & the balance of the property.  Those two homes you see are straw bale homes.  #2; standing on the same spot looking SW and you can see the real nice frame stucco home.  #3; same spot looking NW at Guadalupe Mesa and county maintained road on the right side.  #4 is looking NE with the first hill in the foreground and the county maintained road on the other side of the hill.  #5 is looking East, sorry about the electric lines but it does tell you that there is electricity to the lot.

Upper left photo was taken close to the end of the bench; took this to show you some of the flat ground and the views to the West.  Upper right photo was taken more of less in the middle of the bench and  more flat ground and look SW again.