Off State Road 126

Fenton Lake.  9 miles North of La Cueva.  No snickers from you folks in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I know, I know, to you this is a Farmer's pond.  In New Mexico this is a lake.  So there.

Not saying this is a lake; just standing water after Winter melt, but I thought this was a pretty shot.

Photos of the Rio De Las Vacas Stream.  Upper left taken right off State Road 126, upper right taken off Forest Road 20 which is off State Road 126.  Both taken is early spring.

Got to get a better lens to do this right but on  State Road 126 you pass Calaveras Canyon, (Calaveras, meaning skull), you can pass this without knowing it is there just by looking at the upper left photo but the upper right gives you a better look at the skull.  Again I need a better lens and better angle.