43.1 acre surrounded by National Forest

Upper left is looking North and upstream. The fence line is the northern boundary. Fenton lake is about 2 miles North of the property. South of the property is all National Forest and if you follow the Rio Cebolla it will meet the Rio De La Vacas and become the Guadalupe and the Guadalupe runs through the tunnels, Caones, (Gilman). Upper right photo is looking West at the western boundary line and National Forest. Please note that these photos were taken in the Spring and in Fall.

Again upper left is looking East with National Forest to the right side. Upper right is looking south and at the SE corner to the left of the creek.

Upper left is looking more or less West with the fence line being the southern boundary line of the 43.1 acres. As you can see there is a lot of meadow with various outcroppings of Ponderosa Pine trees and with the East and West sides of the property with large Ponderosa Pines.