4.95 acre on the San Antonio River

Upper left shows the river, (almost want to ride the rapids, just kidding), with National Forest on the right side.† At the same time you can the slope of the hillside making it real hard to build close to the river.†† Donít make the steepness a negative because you will not find this type of river property anywhere in the Jemez other than the other river lots I have listed.

Photo shows the river and the bend is where the river comes into the property.† Beyond the bend is National Forest all the way to the Valles Caldera National Preserve.You can see the logs via Google Earth.†

A look at the spring on the property.† The spring starts on the property and ends up in the river.

A look at a couple of building spots.† There are some views from these spots and both look down on the San Antonio River.