4 bedroom home in Rancho De La Cueva

Upper left looking North, upper right looking South at Forest Service and Forest Service to the left and East, above left looking West.  Upper right is as you drive on the county maintained road  and no more that 1/2 mile from State Highway 4.  Above left is as you drive in.  Above right is the 2 story barn that is electrified and with water.  Behind the barn is National Forest.  A big plus is the exterior is Hardie siding to protect from fires. 

Upper left look NE at the back side of the barn and the woods protecting you and the next door neighbor.  In other words there is a lot of privacy on the South which if Forest Service and the North with woods.  Upper right show the entire back yard with Forest Service on the left side of fence.  The entire 1.6 acres is fenced.

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