Medio Dia Canyon, 82 acres

Photos taken in early May 2018.  The running spring looks low and it is but we did not have a Winter or did we get any Spring rains.  You have to give credence to the spring just to be running.  In other words, a pretty strong spring.  Even the sporadic spring was flowing in places.

Upper left photo was taken early May 2018 You can see the grass in the valley and the Aspens and Oak growing on the hill sides.  This property is definitely healing but it needs some personal, tender loving care.    Upper right photo was taken in early May 2018 from the dam of the pond and almost looking back at  the upper left photo.  In the foreground of the photo is the pond that has been filled by erosion.  This pond legally be refilled. 

Both photos taken in early May 2018, you can see the grass, Aspens, Oak  are taking over the mountain.   Definite healing.  The dead trees, standing and down, do not look but they are waiting for you to get cleaned out.

Sad but true, this is what it looked like.