Medio Dia Canyon, 82 acres

Above are photos of almost the same area.  Upper left was taken right 6 months  after the fire, upper right was taken in August 2013.  As you can see, it is coming back, look at the slopes with grass.  

Upper left photo was taken early July 2014.  You can see the grass in the valley and the Aspens and Oak growing on the hill sides.  This property is definitely healing but it needs some personal, tender loving care.    Upper right photo was taken in early July 2014 from the dam of the pond and almost looking back at  the upper left photo.  In the foreground of the photo is the pond that has been filled by erosion.  This pond legally be refilled. 

The above photos are of the same mountain that is in the property.  You can see the Aspens, Oak and grass taking over the mountain.  This is a really good sign of the healing that is taking place.  You can see some yellow grass in the photos above and below; the rainy season has not started.

Sad but true, this is what it looked like.