74 + acres in the boonies page 2

Upper left is looking North  and at one of the building spots on the 14+ acres.  Upper right is looking the middle of the 59+ acres. If you look closely you can see the frost free hydrant.  There are 3 underground cisterns totaling 3500 gallons. One is 500 and the other 2 are 1500 each.  All plumbed together.  There is a well on the property but the water line have to be installed again.  There water line to the home were buried 4 ft. deep and all water line should be in good shape.

Upper left is looking at an old corral on the 59+ acres.  On all these photos you can see where the grasses, Oak and Aspens have taken over.   Much of the 59+ acres sits on top of  mesa and you can see how flat it is by the upper right photo.

The center of the upper left photo show a mesa, that is where the 59+ acres is.  Look at the upper right photo and there is a circle that shows a box car and also give you a good idea of the lay out of the 59+ acres.

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