Medio Dia Canyon

In the boondocks

Closer to Los Alamos than anything else

Medio Dia Canyon

82 acres


If you think I am trying to sell 82 acres of burnt land, you are very correcto, observant, knowledgeable and I figure I will not be able to fool you.  This property was once one of the prettiest properties in the Jemez and this property plus other private properties took the brunt of the Las Conchas Fire in 2011.  There are still 2 springs, one running all the time, the other is sporadic.  There was a pond on the property but it is filled with ash but can be refilled via the springs.  Obviously all the trees did burn.   The erosion is done with and the area is very much healing.


There is no electricity and electricity is real far away.  Bounded by National Forest on 2 sides.  There are elk, deer running around all over this property.  By the way, there is an elk tag that goes along with the property.


I have to be honest with you I have asked appraisers what kind of a price to place on this property along with other smaller tracts of lands within the burnt area and they cannot figure out a price and even based on old sales of burnt land.  The land is still there, the land is still salvageable and is healing.  The trees can easily made in to logs for log cabins or vigas so there is some value in those trees. This property will heal but it will never get to where it was at one time.  The owner and I have decided to place it on the market for $300,000 but he is open to offers and maybe we, (you, I and the owner), can come out with a selling price.

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