Lands Of Ruby P. Holt

20 miles from downtown Los Alamos

17 miles from Jemez Springs

66 miles from Albuquerque or Rio Rancho

Tract 4-A-1, Lands of Ruby P. Holt


Aspens, Ponderosa Pines, meadow, southern exposure, northern exposure, National Forest, approx. 300 ft. water well, sometimes elk, sometimes deer, sometime coyotes are on this, (to be surveyed), approximate 2.5 ac. tract, wait-a-minute, 3.0 ac. tract, wait-a-minute, 6.3 acre.  Now you are saying, "he has done it, Ron Brown has gone coo coo."  Sorry to say, not yet but getting close.  What I have here is a 6.3 acre tract of land where you can purchase the entire 6.3 acres, or 3.0 acres of the 6.3 acres, or 2.5 acres of the 6.3 acres.  Now how is that for a choice.  This lot is situated within a 38.5 acre tract of land that is totally surrounded by National Forest, just 20 miles from Los Alamos, easy year around access and also approximately 1/4 mile from a portion of the East Fork River that is designated as a "Wild and Scenic River".  Did I tell you that the surrounding homes within the area are valued from approximately 250.000.00 to $500,000.00?  Well let me tell you.  Oops again, I already told you.  These senior moments are killing me.  Please do not ask me if the lot is totally surrounded by National Forest, the 38.5 is totally surrounded by National Forest.   The current owner of the lot has the choice of splitting the property once with the split lot being no less that 2.5 acres.  But the whole 6.3 acres and you can have the same choice.  There is underground electric to the lot and there is a water well on the lot.  Elevation is around 8200 ft.   


Now let's see if you can understand the following and if you do, you are going coo coo.  The price for each lot will be at $50.000 per acre plus $10,000 for 1/2 share of the well.

$135,000 for 2.5 acres

160,000 for 3.0 acres

300,000 for the entire 6.3 acres. 

Now you are saying Ron Brown blew it on the price of the 6.3 acres because he forgot to enter the price of the well; senior moments only come periodically,  the well will be thrown in with the entire 6.3 acres.

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